How Customer Experience (CX) Drives Business Growth

How Customer Experience (CX) Drives Business Growth

Vinicius Leandrini Magalhaes
Studio Yellow

When opening a business, one of the first pillars is the definition of the customer. Customer experience is perhaps the main motivation that organizations currently have. With the progress of the internet and social networks, real-time interaction with brands and access to competition in a few clicks is a constant.

So, what puts you ahead of the competition at this moment is the experience provided to your customers. As responses or solutions to this trend where the customer is the center, concepts such as UX (User Experience) emerge, guiding the customer's interaction with your product or service from the elements provided.

With 'customer-centricity,' what should your business behavior be? This is what we bring to you in this article.

Understanding CX

Customer Experience (CX), or customer experience, can be defined as the idea obtained by the consumer about your company, after any contact is established, whether through physical service or virtually through the website, social networks, WhatsApp, and chat. This concept encompasses the entire company-customer relationship, from pre to post-sale.

Here, all aspects of a company's offering, not just the quality of customer service, but also advertising features, packaging, product and service, ease of use, and reliability are encompassed in CX. The issue is that most companies put these aspects in 'separate boxes,' with different ideas, and reaching the customer with this rupture.

American Express, in a survey, found that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. In other words, a more careful look at this concept means enormous potential for the growth of your business. That is, customers who have a good experience have the chance to become loyal to a brand. 

How to Improve Customer Experience

If a good customer experience is focused on ensuring that all interactions and touchpoints with your business are easy, enjoyable, and seamless, then it becomes simpler to understand how to improve this. As stated, some new concepts have emerged to optimize CX.

For example, the concept of UX (User Experience), which deals with how the customer interacts with your product or service based on the elements provided. With it, the experience passed on to the customer is crucial for the success or failure of a brand.

In apps, for instance, UX is decisive. When we think of apps like iFood and Uber, we see effective UX, where users of different educational levels can complete a purchase or service easily and return to use the app again. And besides, UX involves writing, design, and interfaces thought for the best customer/user experience.

As well as adopting this concept, the following strategies can improve your customer experience:

Internal Communication of Your Organization Focused on the Customer

With a clear strategy from the entire team, it becomes more practical to create a set of ideas throughout the company's offer, guided by principles and CX.

Understand Who Your Customers Are

Who am I communicating with? Understanding who your customers are allows your organization to truly know their needs and desires, connecting in an empathetic and human way.

Create an Emotional Connection with Your Customers

This is where the best experiences are born! Nowadays, we see on social networks customers reposting brands that send their products with a message card, gifts, creating an emotional relationship, and in return getting free promotion of their brand.

Customers become loyal because they are emotionally attached and remember how they feel when using a product or service.

Capture Customer Feedback in Real Time

You need to know the experience you are delivering! Who has never waited 20 or 30 minutes on a call, waiting for service, and right after being served had the opportunity to rate the experience they had? This is the capture of feedback in real-time.

And most importantly, do something with the metrics you have! The results of these data will certainly be very significant for your company.

Why Invest in Customer Experience?

If it's not yet clear, the benefits of developing a customer experience policy can bring to your business greater credibility, competitive advantage, new customers, loyalty, and brand positioning.

We at Yellow, practice and develop CX, thinking about the customer and their experience as a great value. If you want to know the loyalty strategies your company can adopt, talk to us!