Smarketing: Everything You Need to Know

Smarketing: Everything You Need to Know

Vinicius Leandrini Magalhaes
Studio Yellow

What is Smarketing?

Imagine this scenario: you've hired a digital marketing expert company to boost your sales. They did a great job and delivered 100 qualified leads to the sales team. However, due to a lack of alignment between teams, the sales team postponed contacting these leads, and in the end, the leads went cold, resulting in no business opportunities. In other words, because of the lack of coordination between teams, you lost three things: time, money, and leads.

This situation is just a very common example that occurs on a large scale worldwide. And you know what's worse? 90% of the time, managers aren't even aware of it because it's a highly specific problem that only someone with an in-depth understanding of the process could identify.

We don't even need to go as far as 'wasting' 100 leads. But sometimes, the lack of strategic alignment leads to much lower conversion rates than they could be, significantly reducing your ROI (return on investment) and increasing your CAC (customer acquisition cost).

In both cases, the company is incurring losses. That's why, to help business owners address this issue, Smarketing emerges – a combination of sales and marketing. Therefore, Smarketing is the solution for your company's profitability.

Here are the main reasons why you need to invest in this technique right away:

Boost campaigns and increase sales

The integration of sales and marketing strategies is a powerful combination because, when they work together, all strategies perform better. The sales team highlights key commercial demands, and the marketing team devises strategies to meet these needs through strategic campaigns.

Align all strategies with the same objectives

As seen, teams need to be in sync. It's pointless for the sales team to work towards selling a specific product while the marketing team focuses solely on increasing brand visibility. When this happens, the company sees no results, and typically, the marketing team suffers because the goals were not achieved. This also leads to distrust among managers regarding the quality of the work being done by the marketing agency. With Smarketing, this doesn't happen! All short, medium, and long-term goals are worked on together for the success of campaigns and sales.


Knowing exactly where to make changes and why is a key point for Smarketing success. Working in a 100% digital environment allows us to generate precise data about the entire business. This means that our method is scientific, and we make decisions 100% based on concrete data.

Smarketing in Practice

Now that you know what Smarketing is and have seen its main advantages, let's learn more about how Studio Yellow's Smarketing work operates.

Injecting Intelligence into Your Business

If you want to bring more profitability to your business, you need to invest in strategic intelligence. We have a multidisciplinary team of intellectuals and always seek companies that want to be our partners in achieving results together. Yes, you read that right! Those who hire us are not treated as clients (or even as an account) but as partners. Our goal is to discuss goals and strategies to achieve a return on investment as quickly as possible and, of course, exceed that amount to generate increasingly larger profits.

The Dream of Companies

As we begin to deliver intelligence and value to your sales and marketing processes, your company will undergo a transformation, focusing primarily on digital productivity. This means that we will map out the best paths and strategies for marketing and sales so that you sell more. Now, stop and think: isn't it a dream to have a 'GPS' for your success?

ROI 2.0

Once you are 100% aware of what works and what doesn't for your company, it becomes easier to create plans and generate financial goals. With the digitization of the entire process, you will have strategic data to understand how your money is coming back to you and, most importantly, how it is yielding more!

How We Do It

Our methodology covers the following steps:

Intel Gathering

In the first stage, we will conduct a comprehensive study of your company, pricing, competitors, and the market. This will ensure that we can start with the highest possible accuracy.


After the study, we will create the strategic plan and make the necessary implementations, such as installing and configuring the necessary technologies and training the sales team.


We will complete the full campaign planning and create all the assets we need to execute and manage the campaigns.


With all the data on the screen, we just need to analyze the results carefully so that next time, we can execute the same strategy with a higher accuracy rate.

Stages 3 and 4 repeat for each campaign, ensuring increasingly strategic data to deeply understand the company and its products/services in relation to the consumer. The longer you have this precise monitoring, the more intelligence we will add to your business.


Smarketing emerged after the realization by many marketing agencies that to truly increase their clients' sales, sales strategies must also be part of the entire study. Not only that, but the results show that the increase is so significant that offering marketing services separately is now unthinkable.

What do you think of all this? Do you want to boost your sales and create your "treasure map"? Contact us to discuss your business.