The guide for you to strategically connect the marketing and sales of your business

The guide for you to strategically connect the marketing and sales of your business

Vinicius Leandrini Magalhaes
Studio Yellow

Marketing and sales can be in vain if they are not aligned in a good strategy. Experienced companies have already realized this and unite them in an overall business plan. We call the term that combines sales and marketing "Smarketing," describing how sales and marketing will work together to achieve their key business objectives and the success of the organization.

But why is this important?

Smarketing brings scalable results.

If marketing and sales teams were once separate departments, today they form an important alliance. Through constant communication, one side attracts prospects to leads, and the other closes deals. Marketing provides the material for Sales' work, as well as planned advertising and content actions that are included in sales proposals.

Thus, it is an intelligent strategy to invest in the optimization and integration of both teams. Companies with aligned Sales and Marketing functions increase revenue by 208% through their marketing efforts. In other words, Smarketing is not only intelligent but also a profitable strategy.

Why align?

Because it is a methodology that will optimize both communication and results for your company! Smarketing brings a list of benefits that add important competitive advantages to your business.

  • More efficient results in Marketing and Sales: the former by using intelligence for better lead generation, and the latter by having access to leads that convert more.
  • Better utilization and control of the lead base: alignment prevents base burnout by signaling leads that need more nurturing and identifying the most assertive ones.
  • Decreased Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): The technologies used offer a shorter sales cycle, resulting in reduced costs and better investment utilization.


Guide to adopting qualified Smarketing

What will ensure alignment are specific points so that teams do not get lost or compromise the results of the entire company. When starting the integration of marketing and sales within your organization, pay attention to these topics:

Have a data-oriented culture

Data-driven work makes the tasks of all teams more objective and allows for realistic analysis of problems, improvement opportunities, and trends. Data is more objective, replacing open goals with precise goals.

Be clear about proposals and strategies

It is crucial to know what is happening. Those who work in sales usually do not understand marketing campaigns, and vice versa. This makes the distance between the parties more difficult and hinders joint work.

Invest in integrated software

Integrate not only actions but also data and numbers. With integrated software, all actions are centralized, with both teams monitoring in real time, assisting both the marketing and sales processes.

Connecting marketing and sales strategically

Okay, we understand the importance and advantages, but how to do it?

Here at Studio Yellow, Smarketing work starts with intelligence. The investment in strategic intelligence from a multidisciplinary team works together with companies/clients as strategic partners. Together, we discuss goals to achieve a return on investment as quickly as possible and, of course, exceed that amount to generate increasing profits.

Applying intelligence to your marketing and sales processes, your company will be focused on digital productivity. We map paths and strategies that boost your sales in this process. It is important to emphasize that we consider your business goals, ideal customer profile, competitive differentiators, and mapping of your journey.

We execute the plan with your company aware of what works and what doesn't, setting real plans and goals, and digitizing your processes, also providing strategic data for you to see how your company is performing better.

Integrate your strategies with us!

As you can see in this article, using Smarketing to align marketing and sales strategies only brings benefits to your business. If you aim to increase your results and boost your sales, this is the ideal solution for your company. Contact us to elevate your business strategies to the next level.