How to Prepare to Serve the Consumer of the Future

How to Prepare to Serve the Consumer of the Future

Vinicius Leandrini Magalhaes
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Most likely, you have already noticed a significant change in your customer's behavior, right? Today, because they are always connected, customers enter a store already knowing exactly what they are looking for. So, we ask: do you know what to expect from this future consumer? Is your company prepared to serve them?

We ask this because the more prepared your brand is, the more easily it will meet the demands of your customers, staying ahead of the competition. In this article, we will provide some insights on this topic so that you can apply these concepts to your business.

So, do you want to know how to prepare to serve the consumer of the future?

Crie experiências de vendas

Create increasingly personalized sales experiences

Personalization is the keyword of the moment! In fact, marketing automations themselves are already providing more customized experiences to the public.

Over the years, personalization will be an even more present requirement. After all, with so much choice power, consumers will choose brands that provide them with a creative, unique, and innovative experience. Especially if your business sells products and/or services that are common and face fierce competition, such as clothing stores, beauty clinics, gyms, real estate agencies, cafes, restaurants, among many others, you need to differentiate yourself in some way, and undoubtedly the best way is to offer an unexpected experience to the customer.

To facilitate your understanding of 'creating experiences,' I'll mention the example of clothing stores that, after completing a sale, take the bag and accompany the customer to the door of the establishment, as if in a courtesy and gratitude gesture. This is already widely used in various stores today, but the first ones to practice it certainly stood out. Creating an experience means exceeding your customer's expectations, making them FEEL something different and good. The key point here is that when our brain feels something, it stores it in memory. The greater the feeling, the greater the memory. But be careful! This applies to both good and bad memories. So make sure you are doing the right thing.

For us, professionals in this field, creating an experience literally goes beyond accompanying the customer to the door. We have done many (many) Live Marketing actions for large national and international brands. You can find several examples of Live Marketing in our portfolio; perhaps you can get an insight into how to create high-level experiences. In our case, besides the experience needing to be very good, we also have the challenge of integrating the digital into this process to monitor and validate the effectiveness of our ideas.

Focus on Providing Intelligent and Creative Solutions

You have a product or a service, right? However, that's not enough! Your brand needs to be constantly evolving and market-perfecting to meet the demands of your customers.

More than offering a simple product or service, it is necessary to present solutions. If your brand does not solve the pains of your consumers, be sure that your competitors will offer solutions (if they are not already).

Therefore, always keep an eye on what your customers have to say and improve your products and services in a creative and intelligent way—this way, you always create promoters for your company!

This is where the much-talked-about "content" comes in. Through Digital Marketing and Social Media, you can engage with your audience and provide rich content to educate them. Rich content is content that has high value for your audience, such as a very well-written article on "How to Organize Your Finances," along with a spreadsheet template for them to download—it is extremely valuable content for the audience of a bank or financial institution.

And the great insight here is that, in addition to generating impact frequency, i.e., you can attract your consumer's attention in a friendly and helpful way, you also take on the role of 'mentor' for your audience.

And believe me: if they are seeking content with your brand, if they always come back to read more, and, especially, if they interact with your posts, it means they already trust you. 😍 Now the challenge is to understand the buying moment and make an offer to the right people at the right time.

Offer Quick and Dynamic Responses

Imagine that you created a Facebook page for your business to promote your brand and promotions. However, just making random posts won't help! If you choose to be present on this social media, it is essential to invest in quick and dynamic responses. So, when a customer sends a message on the page, posts a comment, or shares content, it is essential that you also make your presence known, promoting efficient engagement with those interested in your brand!

Moreover, your company's channels need to work in an integrated way. The chatbot, the "frequently asked questions" section, social media, the blog, and the website need to speak the same language, presenting the same solutions.

Thus, if a customer sends a question on the website, the response (personalized, of course!) needs to be the same as the one sent for the same question in the chat, and, most importantly, always in real-time or with a short time gap. Never leave your customer waiting!

Preparing to serve the consumer of the future is an obligation for all types of businesses that want to thrive. The competition will be increasingly strong, so it is essential to know how to stand out, winning and retaining more and more customers.

In Summary

The consumer of the future (who is already present) has the world in the palm of their hands. They can get any information and comparison in real-time (are you going to tell me that you have never been to a store and searched for the product you were looking at on the shelf on Google to see if you could find different opinions and prices from the store/seller). This means that the focus is no longer on the product but on the consumer who is becoming more and more demanding. Do you have a strategy, tools, and market intelligence to manage all of this?

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