The North Face

Studio Yellow had the privilege of collaborating with The North Face on a meaningful social action project. Our task was to produce a video showcasing the heartwarming experience of 40 children from needy neighborhoods in São Paulo as they embarked on their first climbing adventure at a professional climbing gym.

The focus of the video production was to capture the beauty and emotions of the event. Our team meticulously documented every moment, highlighting the joy and excitement on the children's faces as they discovered the thrill of climbing. We aimed to convey the transformative power of outdoor activities and the positive impact they can have on young lives.

The experience was not only beautiful and emotional but also impactful, as the children genuinely enjoyed their first climbing experience. The video aimed to inspire and raise awareness about the importance of access to outdoor activities and the positive influence they can have on young individuals.

Studio Yellow is honored to have collaborated with The North Face on this social action project. By producing a video that captured the joy and transformation experienced by the children during their climbing adventure, we aimed to inspire others to support initiatives that provide opportunities for children from underprivileged backgrounds.

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