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Studio Yellow had the pleasure of collaborating with Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual, one of the largest Brazilian educational institution. Our collaboration focused on creating the visual identity for a corporate event and designing the website to enhance their online presence.

To kickstart the project, we developed a visually captivating and cohesive visual identity for Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual's corporate event. Understanding the importance of branding and creating a memorable experience, we crafted a logo and visual elements that reflected the educational institution's values, professionalism, and commitment to excellence. The visual identity was designed to resonate with the target audience attending the event and leave a lasting impression.

We also worked closely with Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual to design a website that would effectively represent their messages and engage their online audience. Our team leveraged their expertise in web design and user experience to create a user-friendly platform that showcased the event's programs, schedule, and resources. The website was carefully crafted to align with the visual identity we created for the corporate event, ensuring consistency and brand recognition across all touchpoints.

By creating a visually appealing website, Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual was able to strengthen its online presence and effectively communicate its educational offerings to a wider audience. The website served as a platform to showcase their curriculum, highlight faculty expertise, and provide valuable information to prospective students. Our focus on user experience and intuitive navigation made it easy for visitors to explore and engage with the content, ultimately driving increased enrollment and engagement.

Studio Yellow is proud to have collaborated with Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual, supporting their goals in creating a visually compelling visual identity for their corporate event and designing a user-friendly website. By aligning the visual elements and providing a seamless online experience, we helped Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual strengthen its brand and connect with students, reinforcing their position as a leading educational institution.

This is the result of an agency that unites intelligence, creativity and technology.
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