BKR Website


BRK Agency


To reimagine the agency's website in alignment with their recent rebranding efforts, without losing the daring spirit that defines their work.


A strategically designed website that serves as a digital embodiment of the agency's new brand identity while amplifying its legacy of audacity in the market.

The Brief

Our client, a trailblazing marketing agency in Brazil, underwent a comprehensive rebranding to adapt to evolving market demands. While their new brand identity was invigorating, it presented us with a unique challenge: How could we design a website that would reflect this fresh new identity, yet remain true to their historical boldness?

The Outcome

The end result is a captivating website that serves as a potent testament to the agency’s audacious yet refined new identity. The visual elements resonate with the fresh brand ethos while the layout and functionality maintain the daring spirit for which the agency is known.

This is the result of an agency that unites intelligence, creativity and technology.
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