Alpha Cooperativa Habitacional

Studio Yellow had the honor of collaborating with Alpha Cooperativa, a prominent player in the housing and development industry. Our mission was to create a powerful brand identity that would elevate the company's credibility in the market.

Visual Identity

Recognizing the importance of a strong brand presence, we embarked on a comprehensive journey with Alpha Cooperativa. Our first step was to craft a compelling brand identity that accurately reflected their values, expertise, and vision. Through careful research and collaboration, we created a brand identity that exuded professionalism, trustworthiness, and reliability.

Studio Yellow then leveraged our creative prowess to develop all the necessary visual assets for Alpha Cooperativa's rebranding. From stationery designs to signage, each element was meticulously crafted to align with the new brand identity and ensure consistency across all touchpoints. By delivering a cohesive and visually striking package, we aimed to enhance their market presence and boost brand recognition.

Furthermore, our involvement extended beyond design and development. We were honored to be part of the brand launch event, where we collaborated with Alpha Cooperativa to introduce the new brand to their employees and partners. Through a carefully curated event experience, we helped create a sense of unity and excitement, fostering a collective commitment to the brand's success.

Website Design and Development

The website, the centerpiece of Alpha Cooperativa's online presence, was designed and developed with meticulous attention to detail. By combining user-friendly navigation, engaging visuals, and informative content, we aimed to provide an immersive experience for visitors, elevating the company's online credibility and fostering trust.

Video Production

Housing Development Project

Studio Yellow takes immense pride in collaborating with visionary companies like Alpha Cooperativa. By transforming their brand identity and delivering a comprehensive suite of visual assets, we helped position them as a leader in the housing and development industry.

This is the result of an agency that unites intelligence, creativity and technology.
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