51 Ice Facool

Studio Yellow had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with 51 Ice, a prominent brand in the beverage industry. Our task was to create an exceptional live-marketing stand to be promoted at events in São Paulo. The goal was to design a space where the brand could provide immersive experiences combined with effective marketing strategies, allowing the audience to connect with the brand and cultivate a desire to consume their products.

We approached the project with creativity and innovation, aiming to design a stand that would captivate event attendees and leave a lasting impression. Our team crafted a visually stunning and engaging space, considering both aesthetic appeal and functional aspects to maximize visitor engagement.

The live-marketing stand was carefully planned and executed to create interactive experiences that resonated with the target audience. From tastings and product demonstrations to interactive games and branded giveaways, we incorporated various elements to encourage audience participation and build a strong brand connection.

Studio Yellow's expertise in experiential marketing and stand design enabled us to create a space where 51 Ice could showcase their products, connect with potential consumers, and leave a lasting brand impression. By combining memorable experiences with effective marketing strategies, we aimed to establish 51 Ice as a desirable and sought-after beverage brand.

We are proud to have collaborated with 51 Ice, creating an exceptional live-marketing stand that successfully merged experiential elements and marketing strategies. Through our innovative design and engaging experiences, we aimed to cultivate brand loyalty and drive product consumption among the target audience.

This is the result of an agency that unites intelligence, creativity and technology.
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